Our Team members are our greatest asset.

Each and every one of our dedicated volunteers represent the spirit of our organziation.  Our dedicated volunteers are driven, and committed to our 22q families and have a great deal of passion in helping our organziation and providing our 22q families the proper support and assistance.

Nancy D. Ramirez

Richard Lugo

Jaclyn Allen

Executive Vice President

Executive Director

Founder / Chairperson

Jasmin Tahaafe

Veronica Murillo

Lisa Perez

Volunteer Services Director

Treasurer / Secretary

Fundraising Director

Alyssa Hassold

Javier Murillo

Paul Hassold

Samuel Cortes

If you would like to help Volunteer with 22qties Unite or help with any of our awareness events, we would like to hear from you.  Please contact us at

[email protected]