Meet Clara
Hello from Germany,
I'd like to share the story from my daughter Clara,

Clara is 4 yrs old.

She has an other genetic disorder called 22q12.1, about that is nothing to find in the internet, so I decided to read more about 22q11.2 cause the signs are simular.

We got to know about Clara's genetic disorder when she was 2 years old. She always had a weak muscle tone, "lived in her own world". At the begin we thought, she has autism. She learnd to walk with 2 1/2 years, but she still walks a little weak, she falls down often and has no good endurance.

She can speak "Mama and Papa", the rest she communicates with sign language and sounds. Very often she's screaming, because it feels good for her and she knows exectly, that we don't like that :-) she has a very great self confidence. In the kindergarden she sadly annoys other children which are

smaller than her. Maybe because she thinks, this is the only thing, she is better at. She also still wears diapers.

Clara is a friendly little girl, who knows exectly, what she wants. But that keeps her strong.